Monday, September 27, 2010

My Day At the Beach

So exhausted from school and the beach today. My O-chem class was a joke as I realized it didn't start till next Monday. Biology seems like its going to be super easy. Genetics just isn't going to be a problem after taking the kind of bio and lab classes I have. It just sounds like a bunch of review. So hopefully I'm set for an easy quarter this time around. Though I'll have to wait to see what really happens with that chem nonsense.

Luckily The Beach was realizing enough that I could deal with school today. Hers some picks I took =D

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Improving Gas Mileage 2

Keep Your Car In Shape
 -Fixing a car that is noticeably out of tune or has failed an emissions test can improve its gas mileage by an average of 4 percent. 
-Fixing a serious maintenance problem, such as a faulty oxygen sensor, can improve your mileage by up to 40%

Keep Tires Properly Inflated
While also being safer to drive, maintaining proper inflation levels in tires effect your gas mileage by 2-5%! It will also help make your tires last longer saving money there as well.

Use the Recommended Grade of Motor Oil
Ever change or top off your own oil? Well make sure you check what kind its supposed to take. 10W-30, 5W-30 ,5W-20 are obviously labeeled differently so choose the correct one for your vehicle. Another tip is to look out for Energy Conserving oils that include friction reducing aditives. Were looking at a 1-3% mpg increase here folks.

Replacing a Clogged Air Filter on Modern Cars Improves Performance but Not MPG
I've always thought having a dirty and old air filter cold effect my mpg. But I guess I was wrong and the myth has been dethroned.  While replacing filters does not improve fuel economy  it can improve acceleration time by around 6 to 11 percent. Its also important to realize that this is for "newer" cards made in the 1980's and forward. Tests do show that older cars suffer a 2-16% reduced mpg reduction with old filters. Yikes!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Improving Gas Mileage 1

Driving More Efficiently

Aggressive Driving
Aggressive driving wastes gas. This includes speeding, rapid acceleration, and over using breaks. On highways this can lower your gas mileage by up to 33%! It can also help avoid costly accidents.

Observe the Sped Limit
Vehicles reach optimal fuel economy at different speed ranges. Most vehicles however have reduced mileage after about 60mph.

As you can seethe most efficient speeds to drive tend to be between 25-65mph.

Remove Excess Weight
Simple enough really. Every 100 pounds in your vehicle reduces the mileage by about 1-2%! Of course this is going to depend on whether you drive a smaller engined car or a larger vehicle.

Never forget that if your sitting in your car with the engine on you are getting 0mpg

Cruise control
For some people cruise control can help you increase your gas mileage by helping you keep a constant speed. However if you are experiencing a lot of hills up and down cruise control is not what you want to be doing. In fact reducing your speed going up hill and letting your car naturally speed up wen going down hills can increase your mileage incredibly.

Overdrive Gears
Using overdrive can help save gas and reduce engine wear by slowing down engine speeds.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sunday, September 19, 2010

More Ebay Sales

Still working on my other posts. But in the mean time I put up a ton more cards up on Ebay if anyone is interested!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Improving Gas mileage

My next few posts are going to be about saving money by improving your gas mileage. The idea came to me when I was driving back down to school yesterday. With the trip being about 6 hours and approximately 400 miles me and my buddy had a lot of time to talk about stuff. Our packed to the brim Honda Accords gas mileage was one of them. Anyway the posts are going to cover the four main ideas presented by . These include driving more efficiently, keeping your car in shape, planning trips effectively, and choosing a more efficient vehicle. For the most part I like there ideas, but I will be adding a few things of my own that I feel they left out or have exceptions.In the mean time while I work on these id like you to check out a few really cool "fuel efficient" cars these posts won't be about.

This free magnetic engine running this car is just amazing. It seemed well enough to be used in everyday commuter cars and it only needs a battery to start the engine. Combine this with a Prius and throw more money at it and we have a great car here people. Sadly though as most people know this will probably never get off the ground. Most of these competing engines always seem to be bought by bigger car companies and then abandoned.

Here is another engine. Because it has shafts on both sides I'm told it is actually much more powerful then most magnetic engines. However It is also a lot larger and most surprisingly it is not perfectly rounded in shape. This means its losing a lot of efficiency by not maximizing it centripetal motion.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Creepy PSA

Ever see something and just think..."WTF where they thinking?" Well this here is an example of a PSA that's just way too creepy. It's so matter of fact and poorly acted that It makes you wanna just laugh...if uncomfortably. I mean its hard to say much about such a taboo topic with out feeling a little irritated but this movie just makes my skin crawl.

Anyway, check it out. And warning, this is not a video everyone will be comfortable watching.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Audi S5 vs BMW M3

I've been having fun looking at cars I would like to buy. You know, if i somehow found a bag of unmarked bills lying around. Realistically It will be a long long long time before I can ever buy one of these awesome machines. But I wont let that stop me from dreaming. The two cars I seem to have fallen in love with include the Audi S5 Coupe and the BMW M3 Coupe. I really feel like these two cars are a close match. Here's a few basic stats for each car.

2011 Audi S5
MSRP-------------------$53,100 - $58,450
Invoice Price----------$49,384 - $54,359
Available Engines------354-hp 4.2-liter V-8
Fuel Economy City------14 - 17 mpg
Fuel Economy Highway---22 - 26 mpg

2011 BMW M3
MSRP-------------------$55,400 - $67,050
Invoice Price----------$51,150 - $61,865
Available Engines------414-hp 4.0-liter V-8
Fuel Economy City------13 - 14 mpg
Fuel Economy Highway---20 mpg

You also have to check out this killer comparison test done by

Overall I think I would pick the Audi..Just because it's a bit more realistic. Cheaper, better mileage, and still a beast on the street and the track...Sexy and Stunning. What do you think?


Monday, September 13, 2010

Swedish Armed Forces

Feel like you have what it takes to become an officer in the Sweedish Armed Forces? I'm not sure how long this has been out but I'm hooked. This test/advertisment/w.e you want to call it is just amazing. Its like all those little internet skill tests or flash games you always like to play all wrapped in one. However that's just the beginning because you get to play with 4 other people from all over the internet! At first I thought I was in an epic struggle to overpower these other players with my laser sharp mind and ninja dexterous eye hand coordination.

After playing it once I realized that I'm actually playing with these people and not against them. This was good and bad. For one it was cool to be joined up with other real people solving puzzles separately but for the good of the team. The bad part however was getting stuck with an idiot. During each round you are given mini games to complete. Each players life/stamina/bar slowly decreases. The only way to increase it is to have the person adjacent to you complete a test completely. So in this way your life is in there hands, and there's in yours.

Even better however is you can team up with your friends. This way you can actually trust those hands holding and feeding you life right?? Aren't all of your friends trustworthy? And who knows maybe this will actually help you become an officer! How long can you take you and your team through the exercises?...Anyway, here is the link..CHECK IT OUT!


Sunday, September 12, 2010

More Home Finding

So as you know I'm back up north with the family until I can move into my apartment( for realz this time) down south. Well due to the extreme costs of college my parents have decided to downsize on their house. Well this is what they keep telling me at least. Truthfully I think they just want to move for fun or something. We went and looked at about 7 houses today. All of them were just about as big as our current house or similarity priced...some where just plain bigger and better. I'm not sure exactly what they are thinking. Two kids in college plus another about to finish high school this year? That's a lot of stress on the wallet. So I've dicided to help do my part I'm going to go ahead and try to limit how much money I'm spending.

I've been reading this sites advince on its 118 ways to save money in college..Perfect right?

So far here are a few I really need to implement:

#7-Save that spare change you’ve got jangling in your pocket or sloshing around in the bottom of your backpack or purse in a big jar or can somewhere out of the way.

#9-Be cheap
  • Buy the cheap stuff. Pabst Blue Ribbon and Old English 40 oz. bottles come to mind ;)
  • Buy in bulk. A cheap 5th of Vodka might cost about the same as a drink or two at a bar.
  • Drink where the specials are. Some college bars and dance clubs have pitcher specials, 1 dollar drink specials, no cover charge, or other specials for people going out early or going out on slower nights.
  • Pre-game if you do drink heavily.
  • Don't bring much money with you to limit how much you drink and spend.
  • Hit other people’s parties.

#28-If you’re on a date, prepare a simple, candlelit dinner and stay in; it’s not the food that counts, but the ambianc. Get your roommates to stay out for the night. Bonus ambiance tip: don't forget the Courvoisier. 

#29-Save your tip if the pizza guy gets lost, your order is messed up, or he is lacking in customer service and general niceness.

#36- Decline extended warranties. Your computer should be under manufacturer’s warranty for the first year anyway. Companies dupe you into believing the plan is worthwhile. They become rich off your extra cash. Anything extra is likely just….extra.

#41-Forget about the T.V. You can watch cable television through your computer. Make sure your desktop or laptop has a DVD/CD player and you can also watch your favorite movies. Your laptop has graphics equal to most HDTVs, so enjoy.

#76-Don’t shop hungry, and that goes for any kind of shopping. If you’re in the grocery store, you’ll grab more and spend more; if you’re somewhere else you’ll probably spend more than you planned getting something to eat. Carry a snack in your purse or backpack.

#110-We're not endorsing prostitution, but if you can give some of yourself by donating blood plasma, you can net an extra couple hundred dollars a month. But, be careful if you try combining this with alchohol. ;)

 And at that, I leave you with the amazing dancing dog.


Friday, September 10, 2010

Time Off

First off my final did not go as expected. That shit ate through me like them carnivorous prehistoric bone cleaners in Piranha 3d! Now I'm just praying for a good curve! But anyway, Piranha 3d directed by Alexandre Aja was my movie of choice to go and feel a little better about my day. It ended up being one crazy ride. While this is one of the worst movies I've ever seen plot and acting wise it is soo incredibly awesome. The movie is all tits, partying, gore, and fishies. They try to have a little dramatic story with the main characters off away from the main action but it comes out a bit cheesy. The best part of this movie is definitely the deaths. We have people straight being eaten alive, being ripped in half after being eaten to the point where there bodies cant hold themselves together, wires cutting peoples tits off, scared mobs driving over each other, and cheesy final words. This scene here shows exactly what I mean. Its probably one of my favorite tit less death scenes in the movie.

And his last final words were
"Wet T-Shirt...Wet T-Shirt..."
Anyway I got a busy week ahead of me. Just fly back up north to visit the parents before school starts again. Going to a wedding this weekend, and gonna try to have a little fun. Hopefully not knowing what my final grade in my Calc class won't bother me too far I;ve been waiting in anticipation, biting my nails and all. Wish me luck!


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hard Studies

With my Calc2 final coming up this Wednesday I have been buckling down and trying to really learn my stuff. But I gotta say that after a long days work some good old internet surfing is just what I need before I get some rest. Tonight I was trying to find some fun you tube videos to watch. Something I haven't seen that would make me chuckle. Not too hard to ask for. Sadly I wasn't really getting anything that great. A found a few good videos and a few weird videos I'll share with you all in hopes you will send me some links to some of your favorites!

So my cousin posted this earlier and its really too simple to not be good. Cute kids with bad English=always funny. Auto tune it into a strangely catchy song=awesome. Now after watching the video try to imagine what lasagna looks like and it gets even better.

This next video is an add to refinance at some local car dealer somewhere. Wether or not it was any success I don't know. I'm not sure why I watched this to begin with but I thought it was quite a strange add. I didn't really feel like refinancing or anything after seeing it and if I thought the party was lame looking. Truthfully I think I would try to stay away from the dealer after seeing that commercial!

Now here is a good commercial. Classic funny and not at all does it put me off.

Well anyway, This is about the time I get back to looking over Calc once more before hitting the sac. Don't forget to link me some of your favorite funny videos!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Ebay Sales Financing Myself to Insure Success

Hows everyone doing. I'm sure you have figured out by now that I'm jut your average college boy struggling to learn me some educations, feed myself,  pay my mortgage like student expenses, deal with auto insurance payments, and still have some money to enjoy myself now and then. So I recently was back at my parents and was going through a bunch of my ooold stuff. Decided to give an attempt and throwing them up on the Ebay. Spent most of today posting up what Ive found. Have alot more stuff I'll have to put up though.

Heres some of the interesting stuff I've put up so far...
           For Some Reason I Never Used This Myself...But Not For Lack of Opportunity!
 I Totally loved this book for a while..but really I don't have room for sentimental or Nostalgia
                          Ya I went to I did not have a real use for this
                                             This thing was pretty cool though!
And a Shit ton of Magic the Gathering some demo decks like you can see and tons of older cards as well as tons of newer cards my buddy wants me to sell for him.

So gladly I do not need any of these things anymore as I've moved on to better things. Anyway if anyone is interested check out my sellers list!

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Sadly I couldn't stop by Sutras to go and see Steve Aoki. Buuut 8eighty8 in Newport was pretty happening. Decent Dj's, a fashion run, and tons of fine ladies. I even met this one chick who I think I'm going to have to hit up in the future. Was definitely a nice finish to a day spent at the beach, eating out and partying. But that's just how Saturdays are. Gotta enjoy them!
                                                     Corona Del mar
                                                        Yay 8eighty8
                                         My Horrible Lg View Trying To take a Picture in the club
      A Better Picture of me and some gorgeous ladies at 8eighty8, taken with an I Phone 4

Friday, September 3, 2010

So i just spent my Friday afternoon getting Calculus 2 web work done. I hit a dreaded dead end on three problems and could not produce the right answer. Now normally I'm all about doing work to learn material ect ect good student get me a education. But I also know a lost cause when I see one. These problems were complicated as hell and I probably just had a negative, or some small error that the web work site didn't like. Regardless I'm ready to go out and enjoy my Friday. You might ask what my solution was. Well I'm glad you did ask because I found out about this site that is just amazing. You can literally give it any question, and with a little fadangling to make sure it understands what your talking about it spits out more information about it then you really even know what to do with. Anyway, I'm gonna head out so here it is.

and while your at it check out this lol

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Well today is a great demonstration of my horribly bad luck. The great people at my apartments really need to get their information right. A few weeks ago a call into their office resulting in me getting a move in date of Sep 2nd...yet when i showed up today they informed me at the desk my move in date was not till the 18th. what am i supposed to do for half a month? Does anyone else think its a little ridiculous paying full rent for only part of a month. It looks like that couch I mentioned earlier is going to be a much much much more important part of my life then I ever imagined. hello couch, good buy room.

I never gave you enough appreciation!

Busy Schedule

Ok so I might have to delay really moving into my apartment till tmrw when I have some more time. In all my excitement I forgot that I have about 5 class hours of Calc2 to attend and additional work needed to be done for some quiz tomorrow. Bleh. Schools tough some time, and it's still summer session. Wonder how its going to be in the Fall. So anyway I'll prob mosey on over there and pick up my keys and what not, but stay at my current place again tonight. However there is a problem with that. The old roommate is coming back from his 1 month trip to India today. That probably meens I'll be sleeping on the couch tonight. But don't worry, its actually really comfy.

On a different note I was wondering what you all think about being bear strong. I was at the gym yesterday and someone said something like " yo man, your bear strong". Now I understand that could be a complement, but when I think about it do I really want to be bear strong? What about wolf strong or lion strong or ant strong? What I'm thinking is i need to change up the game a bit, lean up, and see what happens. I'd say I'm about the middle one at the moment. What do you guys prefer?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Moving into my new Apartment

Ok so tomorrow I get to move into my new apartment. Sadly it's going to be a over priced school set up and I got roommates, but its not all bad. We have the basic kitchen/living room thing you see so often at hotels. To the left are two rooms sharing a bathroom and to the right is a room with its own. God dammit I wanted that solo bathroom. I'm sure my roommate I'm sharing with is gonna be a dirty mess. Any way three guys and one fridge doesn't seem to bad. As long as those fuckers don't touch my beer.

So tomorrow Ill post some pics of the new place. And I also have a fucking box of shit from home I got to sell on ebay or something. if there's anything interesting in there Ill post that as well. In the mean time check out this song. I just couldn't seem to get enough of it driving back from the club last weekend.


Laughing Breakdown on Call for Help

If you havn't seen this unfortunates guy bat on the small screen then you don't know funny. But realistically I would be so embarrassed. And imagine what your producers are going to think. Eeeek.

Sex Robot