Friday, September 10, 2010

Time Off

First off my final did not go as expected. That shit ate through me like them carnivorous prehistoric bone cleaners in Piranha 3d! Now I'm just praying for a good curve! But anyway, Piranha 3d directed by Alexandre Aja was my movie of choice to go and feel a little better about my day. It ended up being one crazy ride. While this is one of the worst movies I've ever seen plot and acting wise it is soo incredibly awesome. The movie is all tits, partying, gore, and fishies. They try to have a little dramatic story with the main characters off away from the main action but it comes out a bit cheesy. The best part of this movie is definitely the deaths. We have people straight being eaten alive, being ripped in half after being eaten to the point where there bodies cant hold themselves together, wires cutting peoples tits off, scared mobs driving over each other, and cheesy final words. This scene here shows exactly what I mean. Its probably one of my favorite tit less death scenes in the movie.

And his last final words were
"Wet T-Shirt...Wet T-Shirt..."
Anyway I got a busy week ahead of me. Just fly back up north to visit the parents before school starts again. Going to a wedding this weekend, and gonna try to have a little fun. Hopefully not knowing what my final grade in my Calc class won't bother me too far I;ve been waiting in anticipation, biting my nails and all. Wish me luck!



  1. Wishing you luck bro ! and supporting!

  2. Much luck to you man. And Have a good time at that wedding goddamnit!

  3. OMG my gf and her mom went to see it last weekend, we had the whole theatre to ourselves.
    Her mom and I were having the best time watching the gore scenes, which there were tons. My gf was jumping every 5 minutes because of the surprise killings.

    3D Tits -Drools-
    Great Fun movie to go forget about all your problems for a little while.
    Mmmmm dat gore was the best i've seen in a movie and it was practically constantly on screen.
    Favorite part was when the girls face got ripped off by the boat propeller

  4. Haha, that's one awesome death scene!

  5. "Wet T-Shirt...Wet T-Shirt..." All that screaming like a little bitch is definitely made up for by his last words.

  6. Enjoy your time off while you can bro.

  7. Was thinkin' about watching it, gonna start following ya.

    Hope you follow back.
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  8. lol i cant wait to see this movie, have a good break!!

  9. I think people should actually have to fight a piranha to watch this clip...

  10. Happy 9/11!

  11. hahahaha damn that was disgusting!

    i still support this though ;)

  12. Jesus christ how hard can it be to just stay out of the water. They are FISH, they can't survive on land. Just get off your damn boats and chill on the beach.

  13. Watch Mega Piranha, it is a sci-fi original film and it is a so-bad-it's-hilarious film.

  14. Kewl story, bro!

    happy 9/11!

  15. i'm back and sharing the love!