Friday, September 24, 2010

Improving Gas Mileage 1

Driving More Efficiently

Aggressive Driving
Aggressive driving wastes gas. This includes speeding, rapid acceleration, and over using breaks. On highways this can lower your gas mileage by up to 33%! It can also help avoid costly accidents.

Observe the Sped Limit
Vehicles reach optimal fuel economy at different speed ranges. Most vehicles however have reduced mileage after about 60mph.

As you can seethe most efficient speeds to drive tend to be between 25-65mph.

Remove Excess Weight
Simple enough really. Every 100 pounds in your vehicle reduces the mileage by about 1-2%! Of course this is going to depend on whether you drive a smaller engined car or a larger vehicle.

Never forget that if your sitting in your car with the engine on you are getting 0mpg

Cruise control
For some people cruise control can help you increase your gas mileage by helping you keep a constant speed. However if you are experiencing a lot of hills up and down cruise control is not what you want to be doing. In fact reducing your speed going up hill and letting your car naturally speed up wen going down hills can increase your mileage incredibly.

Overdrive Gears
Using overdrive can help save gas and reduce engine wear by slowing down engine speeds.


  1. Awesome tips! especially with gas being so expensive in some places.

  2. Good tips bro, should use them with my tank lol

  3. nice tips man! when i'm driving, i'm always staying between 40-55mph.

  4. Thanks for the tips! Will help me save a bit of money :D

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  6. This is useful. Time to use less gas per mile.

  7. Don't forget about regular maintenance and keeping your tire pressure at the right level!

  8. thanks for the tips :) with this info i could be spending less than i already do (which isnt much!)

  9. I do most of these anyways but thanks!! Also try keep your car in neutral when at the light or going down a hill etc